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Diwan Photocreations is the paradigm of capturing the best images possible– ranging from love-filled images that evoke true emotions to funny, candid shots that make you laugh every time you see them. Unlike the 90s style of photography, where posing makes a picture look great, we focus on capturing emotions. The giggles behind the bride, the crowd’s applause, the fun ceremonies and much more. In short, photographs that bring out the real you!

At Diwan Photocreations, we believe every photo should tell a story, so when you see it, even after ages, it helps you relive the moment with the same emotions. That’s why we focus on the occasion rather than what the images should be.

If you ask us to define our style in one line, we would say,

“Artistic, bold images that stand out from the crowd.”

We specialize in capturing the best moments and little details of your day in an authentic, creative manner. The desire to produce good work drives us to do our best for you.

So, if you're looking for a team of photographers who take mind-blowing photos, capture your day's emotions, and let you be yourself, we'll be a great fit for you!

Meet Nakul Bajaj


I’m Nakul: The Man Behind The Lens

Introducing Nakul Bajaj: A Journey Through the Lens

Embark on a captivating visual voyage as we delve into the extraordinary world of Nakul Bajaj, an acclaimed photographer whose artistry has touched hearts and ignited imaginations. With each click, Nakul weaves tales that transcend time, capturing the essence of fleeting moments and turning them into timeless treasures.

Nakul's path to becoming a celebrated photographer was a serendipitous one. In 2008, his dream of joining the National Defence Academy was thwarted by height restrictions. However, fate had a different plan in store, leading Nakul to discover his true passion for photography. Inspired by his father, a seasoned camera person at Doordarshan channel, Nakul embraced the art form with unwavering determination.

Having honed his skills at the Delhi College of Photography in 2012, Nakul embarked on a journey that would challenge and shape him. Initial setbacks as a freelancer with limited resources tested his resolve, but a pivotal freelance project changed everything. Equipped with the best tools and an opportunity to shine, Nakul's talent emerged, setting him on a trajectory of success.

For over a decade, Nakul has collaborated with industry giants, capturing the magic of over 100 weddings, working on commercial projects, and even lending his skills to the film industry. His remarkable portfolio boasts an array of achievements, including shooting 50+ celebrities and traveling across three countries.

In 2021, Nakul established Diwan Photocreations, a brand built upon a legacy of excellence. Rooted in family tradition and bearing the name of his great grandfather, Diwan has quickly gained recognition and garnered a devoted following.

Nakul's unwavering dedication to his craft has caught the attention of esteemed brands in the industry. Nikon, renowned for their precision and innovation, featured Nakul's captivating silhouette shot from a pre-wedding shoot. Additionally, Godox, a leading lighting brand, recognized Nakul's exceptional talent by showcasing his stunning bride's portrait.

Within the pages of this magazine, we proudly present a curated collection of Nakul Bajaj's finest work. From the ethereal to the vibrant, each photograph embodies Nakul's unique perspective and storytelling prowess.

I'm glad you're here because my photos caught your attention.

Honestly, that means a lot!

When not behind the lens, you can find him at his home chilling with his pet Bruno or treating himself to some mouth-watering food.

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory